Rebooting FMChampions.Com!

Welcome back, friends!

I secured the financing for my new computer and picked it up this morning. That’s the good news.

My hard drive was fried, along with the motherboard, in the previous machine. So, if it wasn’t saved to the cloud, I don’t have it anymore. This is the bad news.

At the same time, I’m okay with it.

I’d been thinking of rebooting this site with more strategic style content, instead of just being a place to share my tales from inside the game. I get a LOT of DM’s and messages on the forums asking me about how I approach certain areas of the game, and how I can make others a better player. As I’ve progressed over the past few seasons into what I feel is a truly upper-echelon FM player, I’ve gained a lot of wisdom both from my own experience and from the words and the videos of the great Football Manager community!

Honestly, what I’d love to do is try to step up into the gaping hole in the community that was created when our good friend Cleon retired from active Football Manager writing. I learned countless things from the man, and I feel I’ve got to pay people like Cleon and others back — those who helped turn me into the Football Manager player I am today.

Also, now that I am on a stable computer again, I am planning on purchasing a second domain, and branching out into REAL football writing. Those who I converse with on Twitter know that even though I may be American, I’ve got a great look into the game, and I’ve got a lot to share. I may be a diehard Liverpool supporter (and Barcelona in Spain) but I feel I can offer unbiased and quality writing on football, so I’m planning on doing that as well.

I’ll be using one main save, and likely two other down the road, but I’m keeping my options open with FM17. I definitely am starting a new long-term FM16 save, but I will be taking on multiple FM projects down the road. Hopefully, this will allow me to present a lot more strategic and tactical concepts that can benefit this readership — and also leave me flexibility to take on projects that YOU, my gracious reader, are interested in.

Anyway, I “trashed” the previous writings that were here on the site, as they were more just tales of my play than anything that truly had strategic value. With the new machine, we’re also going to take a new start at Football Manager. 🙂 I’ve just finished installing all of my in-game mods and graphics, and am about to get started on my new main save.

Thank you all so much for your support while I was going through a very trying time, and I hope this website’s reboot can provide you with more content that can help you to become a better Football Manager player. Please feel free to use the comments section here, or feel free to drop me a Tweet or a DM at @FM_Champions on Twitter. I will talk football or Football Manager with anyone, and if there’s a tactical or strategic concept or some type of save you’d like to see played out in cyberspace — please let me know, your feedback is extremely valued here at FMChampions.Com!


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