Other Pages We Support (Links)

Welcome back, friends!

Here is a current list of links to places I feel every Football Manager fan should visit. If you should notice any broken links in the future, please let me know, but I’ll be adding to this list as I find more fine content on Football Manager!

SISportsCentre by Cleon, SIGames Forum Moderator
Stories and amazing tactical and training articles, as well!  Cleon is currently retired from writing on Football Manager, but the site lives on and there is still some new content from guest authors.  Still well worth your time, even if it was just to read Cleon’s work in what amounts to his personal archive!

The Football Manager Cafe by ComeOnTheOviedo (Chris Darwen)
A curation of tons of great content from the Football Manager community!  Special thanks to Chris for involving FMChampions.Com in his site!

AddictedToFM.com by BustTheNet/Rashidi
An amazing place to get info on how to better play the game, along with some of the best stories and guest authors our community has to offer!

ThatFMRegen.Com – home of his FM17 Save, ThatFMRegen: Full Circle!
Steve is ThatFMRegen and he’s an insanely dedicated FM player with grand tales, including a Premier League title with Leicester in 2016!  Check his site out for a guaranteed great FM17 tale!

Strikerless – Dare to Think Outside The Box! 
Strikerless contains the ramblings, rants and ravings of the well-known Guido Merry regarding Football Manager.  Strikerless is focused mainly on Guido Merry’s unconditional love for striker-less formations in FM, but the topics do vary and it’s a gold-mine of great tactical and strategic writings on Football Manager.  Amazing site, here!

PutNielsInGoal – A blog about all things football, by Alex Stewart
Alex’s writing, especially his “Moneyball” series with Bristol City, was a main inspiration to starting this blog last season. He also writes sometimes at the next link in our list!

The Set Pieces
Another great blog that I initially found because they were hosting pieces by Alex Stewart from the link above. They aren’t a football news site, but they cover everything football other than news, really. They have articles based from Football Manager, player profiles and team profiles of both modern-day clubs and the players and clubs of old. Always an interesting read.

Keysi Rensie, Football Manager
FM Stories and articles, lots of tactical analysis and other information of use to FM addicts! His site made me aware of some addons that I wasn’t aware of that really expanded my experience, so check him out! The writer is Czech and he was the creator of a major update for the Czech leagues in FM15, as well!

I encourage all of you to follow these great sites and authors on Twitter as well.  Here’s all known Twitter accounts that are associated with these sites:

@Cleon81, @ComeOnTheOviedo, @MerryGuido, @ThatFmRegen, @KeysiRensie, and @AFHStewart.  

If you’d like to be added to this list of esteemed Football Manager content creators, please send me a tweet or DM on Twitter at @FM_Champions.  I’ll be happy to add your site to my viewing list with a follow, and get you posted here as well.  We must support each other as a community, so we can provide the best content we can! 😀

Nearly all graphics, game mods, and the licensing fix I use were obtained at the following two sites

SortItOutSI.net – Licensing Fix and Facepacks and other great FM tools!

FMScout.com – I got SO many amazing mods here (no, I do not use GenieScout) such as match-engine audio commentary, new 3D balls, new pitches, kits, trophies, you name it — just so much awesomeness, see for yourself!

I don’t do the “paid” links thing, so if you see a page linked here, it is because I personally visit there and feel they have very good content. Especially since I have a small audience, the last thing I wish to do is waste your time!

Thank you, as always, for following FMChampions.Com — and make sure you visit these friends above if you have the time!